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Guided by a team of experts, we have made well-being at the workplace through power naps our top priority.

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Napping pod

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Created in Belgium from PEFC certified wood , our cocoon is a real added value for your office, allowing you a real moment of relaxation at any time. Designed in kit form and entirely modular, our cocoon can be moved according to your needs.

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Made in Belgium


" At WeNap , we believe that it is possible to combine performance and well-being at work, without compromising health. This association seems to be not only essential for the fulfillment of workers but also for the sustainability of companies. "

Anthony Koljaj, Cofounder & CTO

We aim to promote well-being at work through power naps

We want to bring a real solution to companies that are seeking to contribute to a healthier and more pleasant work environment for their employees. 

Because the way we work is changing , the design of work spaces and furniture have to adapt as well. With the objective of promoting well-being in the workplace, we created isolated, ergonomic and eco-responsible resting cocoon in order to best respond to new challenges.

Take a break

Give your teams the break they deserve 

Because it is sometimes necessary to be able to relax in order to better face the daily challenges, our cocoon offers you a real place to recharge your batteries.

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