About us

on the left there is our first co-founder Anthony Koljaj and on the right there is Paolo Capizzi our second co-founder. Both are leaning on the first prototype of the napping pod.

Our objective at WeNap is to bring a real solution to companies wishing to contribute to a healthier and more pleasant working environment for their employees.

Regarded as unnecessary for a long time, well-being at work has been making a comeback in recent years and is becoming a major challenge for companies. Nowadays, accentuated by the Covid-19 pandemic, a major change is taking place in the professional world. With an increasingly busy schedule, workers have less and less time to rest during the night, which impinges on their quality of life and health. Indeed, finding a real "work-life balance" has never seemed more difficult.

How ? With the help of our napping pods that are ergonomic, eco-responsible, isolated from noise and light but above all very comfortable, our goal is to promote well-being at work through micro-naps.

Why the micro-nap? Because it has many benefits that have been scientifically proven: improved productivity, reduced risk of burnout, better creativity and involvement, ...

At WeNap, we believe that it is possible to combine high performance and well-being at work, without compromising one's health. This association seems to be not only essential for the development of the workers but also for the sustainability of companies.

In the end, everyone comes out as a winner. Better working conditions for the employees, and better results for the company.

Our values


We want to promote well-being at work.


We want to to help companies reach new heights.


We want to be the motor of change within companies.

Meet our team

picture of Paolo Capizzi at the Start Lab ICHEC

Paolo Capizzi, co-founder

Entrepreneur at heart and passionate about sports, he likes to set goals and constantly challenges himself. Recently graduated from ICHEC Brussels Management School  in finance, he works on the project on a daily basis.

His long-term vision? To make the work environment healthier and more pleasant for employees, while allowing companies to continue to grow.

  +32 499 18 56 33
picture of Anthony Koljaj at the Start Lab ICHEC

Anthony Koljaj, co-founder

Enthusiast about entrepreneurship, finance and sports, he devotes his days to the development of the start-up in addition to his business management studies at ICHEC Brussels Management School

His long-term vision? Helping companies to reposition the well-being of their employees as a priority in order to help them develop both professionally and personally.

  +32 479 57 14 92